Lectures about Asperger’s syndrome, OCD, GAD and mental illness

From my Asperger experiences – to experience the world through my eyes!

My name is Joakim Hammar and lectures about my personal journey of discovery. To go from disabled to viable – how it is to live with Asperger’s syndrome, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and generalized anxiety disorder. Trained Brain Extrakoll ambassador and lecturer in network Brobyggarna and want to reach out my story to help others.

Many of us who have Asperger’s syndrome are often misunderstood by the environment because we work in a different way. Since I speak from personal experience and often have experienced situations in a different way than the surroundings, become my lectures different compared with when, for example, a doctor lecturing on Asperger syndrome. Therefore, usually my lectures be much appreciated.

I always customize content and time in my lectures for åhörargruppen. Above the menu you can read more about my function variations.

Why lecturing me? Because I want to help others! There are many taboos and prejudices around mental illness and about my diagnosis. I want to help to break down prejudices to everyone regardless of differences to be worth as much because we are all equal.